A Search for Truth and Beauty: The Creation and Contemplation of Abstract Art.

This online art gallery was created in 1998 by Mike Butler to celebrate the  truth and beauty that is the heart essence of each and every moment.

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Mike Butler: a digital art pioneer “Long-time Ajax resident, Mike Butler can quite literally be called a pioneer of digital art. In the early 1980s, in the infancy of the personal computer, he saw the potential for art-making with pixels and bytes that began a fascination that continues to this … Continue reading →

The Process


I use a lot of different digital tools to create my art. You could say that my process is more like an orchestra than a trio or quartet. An orchestra is richer and more full-bodied with subtle complexities that charm the ear. Complexity with its subtle nuances and tones are … Continue reading →



Shortly after graduating from the Ontario College of Art in 1980, I purchased a Color Computer from Radio Shack. After teaching myself to program in Color Basic, I began creating my first abstract digital art. I was captivated by the endless streams of digital imagery that were possible as well … Continue reading →



The heart essence of the spiritual life for me is the search for truth and beauty. Truth and beauty, these rare and precious jewels, shine like beacons in a muddled world of banal entertainment and distraction. How are we to go about actualizing them in our everyday lives? A powerful and … Continue reading →