A search for truth and beauty through abstract art.

This online art gallery was created in 1998 by Mike Butler to celebrate the  truth and beauty that is the heart essence of each and every moment.

Street Smarts

Street Smarts

I am fascinated by the possibility of virtual worlds that are unbounded by the laws of physics. This image is part of my exploration of this theme. Please like & share: … Read more

A Story


Is abstract art simply decoration without content or meaning? Or does it have a deeper significance, an ultimate meaning? This has been a burning question for me since my art school days, Shortly after graduating from the Ontario College of … Read more

Find Your Bliss

Find Your Bliss 2

Do you have a few minutes to spare to find your own natural great bliss? Then spend a few minutes reading this post and meditate and contemplate the accompanying painting Find Your Bliss. As you contemplate the image, let your … Read more

Share the Love

Taking a Walk

Did you know that you can support your favorite artists without spending a dime? The worst thing that can happen to an artist is to toil away in obscurity, unappreciated and unknown. Every working artist depends on wide exposure for … Read more

Expressing the Ineffable

Find Your Bliss

How do you express the ineffable? By definition, the ineffable is beyond description or explanation, so how would you express it? Abstract art is indescribable, too. Most descriptions seem to be limited to the use of colours, textures, forms and … Read more

Moonlight Bay Series

Moonlight Bay 006

  The Moonlight Bay series is ideal for interior decorators who are looking for a romantic theme for their next project. The series began with an iPad painting which is the first image in the collection. It was pulled apart, … Read more

Bubble Universes

Two Ladies

The Bubble Universe series was designed for interior decorators who are looking for whimsey in a themed collection for their next project. Bubbles have always had a happy association and these designs humorously incorporate iconic bubbles as their common thread. … Read more

Secret Garden

Secret Garden 0001

The Secret Garden series is ideal for interior decorators who are looking for a themed collection for their next project. The set of images shows an evolutionary process. All the images were derived from the mother image, Secret Garden 000, … Read more

Rhymes and Reasons


Just as a good boot needs it’s laces. Just as a good stew needs it’s salt. So a good painting needs it’s rhymes. When it comes to poetry, I don’t believe in rhyming. It just gets in the way. Of … Read more

Summer Scents


The summer scented breeze freshens my day. Wind in my face liberates me from imaginary concerns. There is no room in my world for praise or blame. Everything flows perfectly by itself for itself. There’s no need to interfere or … Read more