A Search for Truth and Beauty: The Creation and Contemplation of Abstract Art.

This online art gallery was created in 1998 by Mike Butler to celebrate the truth and beauty that is the heart essence of each and every moment.

The Coffee Table eBook is Ready

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This little coffee table eBook of 21 full colour “plates”, and some short essays, is a poetic homage to a philosophy that I call Idealistic Materialism — which stands in contrast to the modern malaise that I call Nihilistic Materialism.

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Picture this on your living room wall. It will brighten your day every time you see it. Up to 47″ x 47″ on Canvas. Smaller sizes available and printed on different materials such as acrylic and metal.

Transition framed print

Bitcoin Art Gallery 

Use your bitcoins to invest in beautiful, single edition art — registered by blockchain. This artwork is available as an 8000 x 4500-pixel file. It is a single, unique edition. After purchase, ownership will be transferred to you, identified by your email address, together with a certificate of authenticity and a cryptographic ID, registered with the ascribe.io blockchain technology.

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Beautiful, abstract art especially designed for your 4K ultra high definition television.