A Search for Truth and Beauty through the Creation and Contemplation of Abstract Art.

This online art gallery was created in 1998 by Mike Butler to celebrate the  truth and beauty that is the heart essence of each and every moment.

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Flower Duet

Flower Duet

There is a quiet joy and profound power in just being. Not being anything in particular, but just a profound sense of presence and bright bubbling joy in the quiet silence that ensues when your mind stops chattering away to itself. The image that I have shared today is called … Continue reading →


Green Sleeves

I really like the energy in this one. There is a feeling of excitement against a backdrop of mysteriously tranquil green — like a slow, sensuous dance. I was listening to Greensleeves while I was finishing up. It really enhances the experience. Click on the link below, it will open … Continue reading →

Glitch Art


In celebration of the glitch Generally we think that our life should be smooth sailing but, as you know, there are all these little glitches that interrupt our journey. Most of the time we find these interruptions to be irritating obstacles and we spend a lot of time trying to detour … Continue reading →

Be a Unique


You are not like anyone else. You are not like anything else. This moment now is not like any other moment. Just drop the masks. Stop hiding behind the pretensions of being like everyone else.You are pure being. Let the wisdom of your very own pristine presence express your pure … Continue reading →