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Statement of Participation

In keeping with the intentions of this web site to present life-affirming writings, art and information, I have been asked to contribute some of my work. As an artist, photographer and writer, I graciously accept the request to publish some of my stories, memoirs, poetry and fine art. Although my work is primarily secular in nature, I have recently embarked on the path of the Buddha and expect and welcome the filter of the dharma to shape and enhance my views and perspectives. I hope you enjoy my humble efforts. If you have any comments on what I present or interest in my works, please contact me at Allan O'Marra

The pencil drawing that accompanies my publications is a self-portrait titled Portrait of the Artist as a Natural-born Buddhist which was included in my most recent show: INTROSPECTIVE: Self-portraits 1969 - 1997.

Bird's Creek Memoir Memoir

The Big Land of Quiet BuddiBara

Short Poetry

Allan O'Marra's Paintings, Resume