Mandalas are not just decorative paintings, they are objects of meditation and contemplation.

These particular images are not traditional mandalas though because they are abstract. They are not symbols of the usual meanings of mandalas, but rather they point out the abstract nature at the heart of our everyday world.

The centre of the mandalas represents the fundamental, unmoving ground of awareness, the heart essence of our mind. In the calm, still centre there is no time. There is only utter, pure, silent and complete perfection. The abstract, colourful patterns that surround the centre are the divine radiance, the great display of timeless, luminous pure cognition.

These patterns are pure and perfect in every way. They are the garments of the natural great purity for which we have been searching, the jewels that are hiding behind the veils of our hopes and fears, our thought created humdrum world of career choices, mortgages and bank balances.

Pick whichever mandala that you are drawn to from the gallery below and use it as an object of meditation and quiet contemplation. Let your awareness be drawn into and absorbed by the centre of the mandala.

You can use your out-breath as a helper. Let your thoughts dissolve outward with your breath into the centre of the mandala and then, in the gap that opens up, let your attention radiate out into the majestic manifestation that emerges as the colorful and beautiful rings of the image. Rest there, in that silent, beautiful truth, and recognize it as the tableau that is created by, and is, your very own consciousness.

Bring this meditation and contemplation into your everyday life. Recognize everything in your world as being the mandala of your own pure presence. Everything is the majestic, divine luminescence of stainless, silent awareness of nowness. Watch how your world is transformed into the sacred, natural perfection of abstract patterns that are your own mind. And take note of how your thoughts impose their shadows over the sacred beauty and truth of this sublime and divine, original world while you are maintaining this meditation.

Keep coming back to perfect awareness and its naked reality and make each moment of your life a work of art.